Signing of the agreement protocol between the Société Nationale de l’Acadie and the Congrès mondial acadien 2024 Organizing Committee

Signing of the agreement protocol
In the photo: (seated) Louise Imbeault, President, Société Nationale de l’Acadie, Allister Surette, President, COCMA 2024; (standing) Julie Martinet, Youth Advisor, Société Nationale de l’Acadie, Chris Frotten, Vice-President (Argyle), COCMA 2024 Natalie Robichaud, Vice-President (Clare), COCMA 2024, Nadine Comeau, Treasurer, COCMA 2024, Lynette Muise, Secretary, COCMA 2024, Norbert LeBlanc, Representative, Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Photo credit: Clint Bruce

An important step towards the seventh Congrès mondial acadien: the signing of the agreement protocol between the COCMA 2024 and la Société Nationale de l’Acadie! Members of the COCMA 2024 and of the SNA were on hand as Louise Imbeault, President of the SNA, and Allister Surette, President of the COCMA 2024, signed the agreement on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

For more information: SNA : Signature de l’entente protocolaire entre la Société Nationale de l’Acadie et le Comité organisateur du Congrès mondial acadien 2024

Press Release / For immediate release

Allister Surette
In the photo: Allister Surette addresses the crowd at the event Vers le CMA 2024 during the 2019 Congrès Mondial Acadien. The President and Vice-Chancellor of Université Sainte-Anne has been named Chair of the Congrès Mondial Acadien 2024 Organizing Committee.

Little Brook, NS – December 17, 2019: The municipalities of Clare and Argyle are proud to announce the appointment of the four executive members of the Congrès Mondial Acadien 2024 Organizing Committee:

  • Chair: Allister Surette, President and Vice-Chancellor, Université Sainte-Anne
  • Vice-Chair (Clare): Natalie Robichaud, Executive Director, Société acadienne de Clare
  • Vice-Chair (Argyle): Christopher Frotten, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of Barrington
  • Secretary-Treasurer Nadine Comeau, Financial Services Officer, Caisse Populaire de Clare

All candidates were selected based on a number of criteria, such as gender equality and equal representation from both parts of the host region.

Chosen candidates were also expected to meet certain requirements based on their skills, expertise and experience in a variety of fields, such as government relations, economic development and leadership.

The executive members of the organizing committee have been appointed for a term beginning December 2019 and ending December 2024. The committee is responsible for the good governance of the organization, which includes adopting budgets and auditing financial statements, as well as ensuring compliance with internal policies. In the upcoming months, the executive members will be responsible for filling the remaining eight positions on the organizing committee.

A selection committee will soon be hiring an Executive Director for the Congrès Mondial Acadien 2024 Organizing Committee.


About the CMA 2024

The seventh edition of the Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA) will take place in the municipalities of Clare and Argyle, also known as the Acadian region of Southwest Nova Scotia, from August 10 to 18, 2024. This will mark the 20th anniversary since the CMA was last held in the province. The CMA is an international gathering of Acadian culture that is held every five years. Its mission is to fortify the ties among Acadian communities around the world. The event also allows host municipalities to showcase their part of the world on an international scale through activities such as family reunions, conferences and celebrations. The event, which is expected to attract up to 100,000 participants, will have positive economic repercussions for the region and neighbouring communities.

Media Contact / Interviews

Allister Surette
Congrès Mondial Acadien 2024 Organizing Committee
Tel.: 902-769-2114, ext. 7300
Amy Paradis
Communications Officer
Municipality of Clare
Tel.: 902-769-2031, ext. 223

Congrès mondial acadien 2024 Organizing Committee (COCMA 2024)

This posting is now closed. Thank you to all our applicants.

The municipalities of Clare and Argyle are seeking to fill the four executive positions on the COCMA 2024 through a public Expression of Interest. The positions of President, Vice-President (Clare Region) Vice-President (Argyle Region) and Secretary/Treasurer will have a five-year mandate, starting December 1, 2019 and ending December 1, 2024.

Interested candidates are requested to complete the required form and return it by October 25 to the attention of Stéphane Cyr, Comité de candidature CMA 2024, by e-mail at or by mail at 1185 Highway 1, Little Brook, N.S., BOW 1Z0.